Welcome to Electric Wheels.
2x2 Work Bikes - we hire and sell these magnificent machines.

4x4 Work Buggy - new to the fleet and available for hire or sale.

Golf Buggy - 4 seater, 6 seater, or Medic Stretcher Buggy

3 x 2 Urban Scooter - for hire or sale now

E-Bus - electric bus for transporting up to 14 people at a time -coming soon!


We serve agriculture, tourism, events, conservation, security and recreation with our fleet of bikes and buggies

If you can ride a bike, you’ll love the Work Bike. If you prefer a buggy, try our 4x4 Hisun Work Buggy. We also have 4 and 6 seat people carrier buggies in our ever growing fleet and will soon take delivery of a 14 seater

For more urban or less rugged park or estate environments, try our 3 wheel 'Silence' scooter.
About Us

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