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Familiarisation and Safety Compliance

Familiarisation with the Work Bike

At Electric Wheels we take everyone’s safety very seriously.  Although our bikes are very easy to ride, they do need to be treated with respect, particularly when riders are in the early stages of learning their characteristics. To reduce the risk of injury, when we deliver your bikes, we will offer a short familiarisation session for all riders, followed by a basic competency check, all free of charge. We’ll email our clients a list of those who have completed this familiarisation, and we advise that only those people use the bikes. During the familiarisation, we can, if appropriate, limit the speed and acceleration of the bike, whilst riders are learning.  We strongly recommend that all riders wear a helmet, and gloves, both of which we offer for hire.

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Risk Assessments

We have completed risk assessments and working method statements relating to the operation of our bikes in various environments.  We are happy to provide templates of these documents for clients to adapt to their own site-specific circumstances. Just ask at the time of hiring.


When you hire from us, you’ll need to be insured, ideally through your own hired-in-plant insurance.  If you don’t have this, we can arrange cover for you; just ask when booking.

Maintenance & delivery

All our machines are maintained to the highest standards, well in excess of the manufacturers’ recommendations.  Between hires, each machine undergoes a 20 point safety check.  Our workshops and maintenance staff are independently inspected and certified annually. Our delivery drivers are all experienced at operating and maintaining the bikes.