A new breed of utility vehicle

With a 1kW motor in each wheel, the Work Bike is
smooth, ultra-quiet and gives you complete control off-road.

  • Off-road capability with two wheel drive
  • Simple to ride; no gears, bicycle-style brakes
  • Zero emissions
  • Up to 75 mile range 
  • Six hour charge time from empty to 90%
  • 150kg carrying capacity
  • Easily adaptable for a variety of applications
  • Speed limited to 25mph

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Two-wheel dual drive

Up to 30mph

Weighs just 65kg

Can carry 150kg

Whisper quiet

75 mile range

6 hour charge time


2x2 Accessories

The following Accessories are also available to hire: (Click to view)

An open tailor-made box; a great place for tools and your lunch!


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